Monday, 7 March 2016

Back on dry land again

An early start because I had an appointment with the dressmaker before we left our overnight mooring.  Overnight the sari top had been made for me, so a quick try on, a bit of an adjust and off I went.  Now all I need to do is remember how to put a sari on!

Early morning was still 

and calm

as we sailed towards our disembarkation point.

but there was plenty of activity going on , 

nets to prepare

and cows feed.

And then we're here, can you see our boat?  Whilst all the bikes and luggage were taken off I had a wander around

Aren't the textures of bark, leaf and wall wonderful?

Even a delapidated shop has an attraction

As do the strips of potato crisp packs that hang from kiosks everywhere.

The weathered walls, shutters and signs provide inspiration, despite being in my least favourite colour combination!

No idea what the text says, I just love the shape of the font!

Soon we were off, pedalling on before it became too warm

Cycling along the coastal road further and further down the length of Kerala, the Indian Ocean on one side and the Backwaters on the other.

There was the occasional stop to regroup and catch our breath

and for me to snap just a few more memories.  This is coconut coir rope; big business here in Kerala.

Time for another ferry crossing, on a bit different scale this time, will we all fit with our bikes??

Well, yes we did, and there was room for a couple of locals too!

It's not a long ride, just over the way

passed birds perched waiting for lunch

which someone may just provide...

But for us it was a lovely home cooked meal eaten under the shade of a tree followed by a quick dip in the sea!  We have had some amazing meals on our journey through Kerela, it's not just 'curry', but a fusion of spices, textures and colours.  

It's hot now, despite the swim, so it's a bit of a slog to finish the ride along the highway.  The traffic in India is really quite bonkers, or maybe you have to be that to cycle in it??

But here we all are in Valakala, 500km miles pedalled. Not looking too fresh I'll admit it, but we were thrille to be there. Just two medical incidents ( note the bandages on the knee...) and two punctures ( I'll hold my hand up to one!) which isn't too bad, all things considered.  Both events created as much local interest when it happened, with people stopping and coming over to 'help' or just have a good gawp!  Sometimes they even took a photo to record the occasion ....

Time for a wash and change before heading out for a celebration meal.