Saturday, 30 July 2016

Keep on peddling!

People deal with grief in many different ways; after Ken died in November 2014 I bought myself a bike and took up pedalling.  

Its been neatly three year and I've covered several 1000 miles: as well as round and about the Hampshire countryside I've also cycled round London through the night, all the way from London to Brighton, braved the heat cycling from the south to North Vietnam and again cycling through tropical India and Kerela. Last year I also did the LondonPrudential 100 and as with many if my rides I was raising money for charities that supported us when we needed help the most. 

Pedalling all those miles has helped. The grief doesn't go away, I don't think it ever will, but turning those pedals and being outside gave me the time and space to learn how to cope, how to reset my life and find a new way to live. 
And now I'm back riding again, but this time I'm doing the 100 just for me - no one else, just for me, just because I can. 

Wish me luck!

Latitude 2016

With wifi being so rubbish I had difficulty blogging from Latitude, so here is a quick roundup!

Cooking was a whole lot easier this year thanks to my new gas stove

and of course having a share in a breakfast chef helped too!

The new tent was also spacious 

and got into the festival spirit with added bunting!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A little bit of sunshine

Each morning in a tent I act like a chrysalis - as it warms up I shed my various layers! 

But it does mean I can breakfast in the sun and enjoy reading, feels quite decadent! 

Latitude Festival prides itself on being very green and Eco friendly. To do my I brought along a tray of living lettuce; it might not save the planet, but at least I won't get scurvy ;-)

Is this normal?

One of the things on my 'to do' list was to go to a music festival in a field. It's ticked off now as last year I went and worked at Latitude in Suffolk with my uni friend Judy.

 Brilliant, even the sheep got in the festival mood!

I had such an amazing time that I'm back for more this year..... Welcome to Latitude 2016!

Despite my best intentions I still ended up pitching my tent at 11.30pm. Still it wasn't raining and I had a box of wine to open! My new tent went up a treat thanks to Steph and Dan.

So this is my home from home for the next few days, what more does a girl need? Yes sunshine, but first thing a fresh brewed coffee, 

porridge and an almond croissant will do!

A lazy day chatting, reading and knitting ( I'm soooo cool!) Alison and Tom finally arrive and then time for our staff briefing in the main Arena area. 

Still being built, the torrential rain is hampering us all, but the welcome is warm and we're all full of enthusiasm so what's not to enjoy?

Even the sheep are on plan, wearing neon pink this season ;-)