Thursday, 14 April 2016

Postscript ....

It's been a month since I came home and when I look back at my photographs I can hardly believe I was there, that those are sights I have seen and food I have eaten, people I have met and above all the miles I have peddled!

My journey ended in the hippy beach resort of Varkala and suddenly we were back amongst  'normal' tourists!  weird.....

But there was a pool in the hotel and it was warm, so lovely to stretch out and swim!   Our room was interesting - every surface was painted, including the floor, those aren't tiles you can see. 

Apparently every room in this hotel is decorated with a different theme.  Obviously we had the  Art Deco look....

Valakala is known for its big beaches.  It looks strange to see the mix of Westeren tourists bathing in next to nothing and the Indian ladies gracefully keeping covered with their sari.

The way to the beach was down steep steps, which were unfortunately covered in letter, so I wasn't tempted.  Content to view from afar...

....whilst enjoying a cooling drink on the restaurant balcony!

Had an amazing Kerelan fish curry for lunch, but we kept having to swap seats and shuffle around to avoid the hot sun.  Now you wouldn't expect to have to do that in February!

On the way back through the alleys I spotted this piece of weathered wood,

but that was nothing compared to the sunset that evening.

Quite a lovely way to end 500km cycling  I think you'll agree?

The turban award had one more pass to be made, so it came my way....apparently it was my fault Terry had ended up in India, where as I thought she has chosen to come along!  So I get to keep the turban, it's home with me now to remind me of the splendid time I've had and the friends I've made.

One last look up to see the moon before I head back to the hotel and finish my packing, it's a 12.30 am start for the airport and a long journey home.

But no mater how far I travel, the wonderful countries I visit, the interesting and friendly people I meet and the different foods I taste I know I'm always going to know I'm home when I see this:

and of course, this:

Reckon someone won't be letting me out of their sight very much for awhile!😺

So where next shall I travel??  I'm fancying going back to Cambodia and maybe Mayanmar.....who fancies coming along, by bike - naturally 😉🚲😎