Thursday, 12 November 2015

Knock, knock?

Today was a 'rest day', so we were free to amuse ourselves.  Our hotel

is right on the harbour front

so it is only a short hop and a skip to the waters edge.

Would I like a boat like this one or

this one?

I suspect neither, having never hankered after a life on the ocean waves.

So a gentle stroll along the harbour front, gazing at the schools ( or shoals? ) of tiny, tiny fish darting amongs the shadows is what I shall have.  Even at this early hour the sun feels warm and pleasant,

so today is all about finding my inner cat...reeeelaaaaaxiiing.

However I do need to pay a bit of attention if I am to avoid going headfirst into the harbour,

so I make a point of capturing the different iron rings.  And yes, the water was really that blue this morning!

Charnia is still a working harbour, with nets drying on the quay.

Although now summer is over it's time to pack away

the tables and

chairs for another year.

If you come in summer this area is a frantic, noisy jumble of people, tables and food.  But for now life is  passing at a slower pace, with time to amble and stop for a coffee and chat.

The shutters are going up

but at the other end of the harbour the busy little market is doing a roaring trade.

Piles of greens leaves,

reds peppers

and shiny black aubergines.

Most surprising of all were these few bunches of spring narcissi.

And as with every market, no matter where in the world, there was the usual tat - yapping dogs and a cycling Barbie were today's offering.

I'm sure the mandolin is a sweet instrument in the right hands...

but you need music and well as food for the soul.

It's getting too hot to wander in the open, look up at the blue sky, there's not a cloud in sight,

So it's time to plung into the back streets of the old town, tucked inside the ancient Venician wall.

Often too narrow and highly-piggly for vehicles there is time to wander and look.

Cretan blankets and kilims are tempting,

but I am on a you will see!

First up is this baseball hat wearing dragon wash tap.  

Tucked into a wall niche there is even a bar of soap.  You'll need to bring your own towel.

So grand, my one at home seems dull beyond belief.

But what captures my eye this sunny morning are the door knockers.

Large or small, whatever the shape, I snapped them all, take a look at what I found:

So you can imagine I felt a bit miffed when I rounded the corner

and saw this!  I was quite tempted to upgrade my own front door knocker...until I saw the price.  I'll make do with the one I've got.

Wandering can be hungry work, so on up some steps,

past a garlanded door before stopping here.

Tucked into a narrow alley way this once ancient bath house is now a delightful restaurant.

It looks just the right sort of place for A - first up on the menu are the puddings!

But meze is ordered, and very good it is too.  Can you ever eat too many olives??

Charnian buildings have had to adapt, first a bath house and pump room to the Venicians (note the square lintels) and then the Turks (the elegant arches) it now houses a restaurant.

Development in Venician Charnia is protected and regulated so it's surprising to see how much graffiti there is. 

 It's everywhere.

I just hope that none of the above is something rude in Greek?

Charming streets are defaced, but litter free.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

Knife crime can't be much of a problem either given the amount of knives on open display.

So the day draws to an end...

looks as though tomorrow is going to be another fine day 


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