Monday, 6 June 2016

The view from beyond the bridge

One of my favourite rides I call 'The Dipley Mill circular', for no other reason than it goes over the bridge at Dipley and I can pause awhile and gaze into the garden, as I did in early spring this year

But today was to be different,

because I was finally allowed to park my bike and wander in, thanks to the National Garden Scheme.

As you can see, today I wasn't alone,  in fact there was quite a crowd!

The gardens didn't disappoint,

I passed these amazing and otherworldly gunnera manicata just as I walked around the front of the house.  The leaves are still growing and by the end of the season will be so huge I could stand under them!

And finally, here is the my usual view of Dilpey Mill, from the 'other side'!

Through the bambo tunnel,

past the lush ferns, gently unrolling their fonds,

past a bed of white alliums, an all time favourite with me, as well as with the bees.

Ending up in the herb garden, laid out using petite lavender hedges and with pots and beds brimming full of fragrant herbs.  Who knew dove could have such a grand residence?

The mill wheel no longer turns, but the river still runs underneath the house!

Perhaps they rely on this fellow to keep an eye on the water level...

You are free to wander the many paths and grassy walks discovering all the different garden rooms

admire the flowers, 

envy the structures,

realise you're never too old for a swing!

and enjoy the sheer diversity of nature.

The surprising bright blue spiral staircase led up the outside of an ancient pill box to a rooftop garden.  The perfect place to watch for shooting stars at night!

Vesta's garden was serene and cool in shades of white and green

but if you wander through this gate and turn left you can be sure of a cheeky welcome from the resident alpacas!

The newly planted oriental carpet garden is tucked away behind the glass house and nearly was missed!

All too soon it was time to go as the house returned once more to a private home, but not without having a pretty cupcake and cup of tea under a shady tree.

No ride back for me today.  I had to hitch a lift home - a flat tyre and broken pump...  but it didn't spoil a very pleasant afternoon strolling through beautiful gardens in the sun.

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