Sunday, 26 February 2017

Time for another adventure

This time of year it's mostly cold and bleak in the UK, so I think it's a perfect time to have a little foreign adventure.  Two years ago I cycled the length of Vietnam and had a ball, so I thought 'why not go back and explore some more?', so I am!

Bags packed, holiday toes paint...

I had an excellent chauffeur to T4 - thanks son, pay back time for all those hockey training runs!

I dream of being upgraded, but for now it's go with the flow.  Still seat 34g is on the upper deck, so a girl can dream...

Bags checked in, G&T poured  (somewhere in the world the sun has to be over the yard arm :-) )and films selected.  Aaah!

There was even time for a bit of sewing before we had breakfast (even though my body says is only 11 pm...) and then landed in drizzly Kuala Lumpur.  The stopover of doom.

But hey! Stay positive, a girl can learn from her mistakes*....can't she??
* puzzled?, go read this blog from the beginning to see how I faired during my last visit to KL

Loved this window display for goods I can't afford, but can't find the fabric shop that was here last time.

A change of planes in Kuala Lumpur leaves me in a bit of a dither...Given my track record!
But I found the connecting railway, I even got onboard AND made it to the right gate.....Surely a good start?

Just hoping my baggage has made it too!

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