Thursday, 9 March 2017

Getting crafty on the lake

A lie-in, we didn't get on the bikes until 8! That's because we weren't cycling that far really and even then we made a stop at one of the local markets.  The great thing about a cycling holiday with Exodus Travel is you don't have to worry about your bike

The mechanic washes and lubes them every morning, giving them a check over before we ride for the day.

But before we could go and explore we had to make way for this guy, huge baskets but hopefully light load!

This was a very local market, but as well as the fruit and veg there were pretty flowers too.  See the baskets on the bottom stall, let's take a closer look....

Lots and lots of beans, pulses and the most huge sunflower seeds ever.

As with markets the world over there are the characters.  The chap on the left was doing a roaring trade in little bottles of potions, complete with head mike.   Down well on Barnsley market!  The lady with the head scarf is from one of the hill tribes whilst the bottom pair were betal  makers.

And that strong smell wafting about? Kerosene, of course.....

Back on the bike we cycled through everyday life, in the field, the building site, the sugar cane factory and the boats.

And then it was time to hop on board another boat.  Only trouble was I forgot to take my straw hat off but the wind saw to that...fortunately the chap driving the boat was able to navigate back to fish it out of the water.  Phew!

And where are we going to?  Ah, that's another blog ;-)

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