Sunday, 5 March 2017

Good bye Vietnam, hello Myanmar

Time to head to the airport at some silly hour again.  My week long visit to the Mekong Delta is over and now I'm off to Myanmar ( that's Burma for those of you who don't know!)

Arriving at the airport nearly three hours early was only just long enough.  I think the whole of southern Vietnam was on the move this Sunday morning!  I've never ever had to queue so much for passport control and security.  Still, I even negotiated the last minute change of gate and made it onto the Vietnam Airways flight to Yangon.

Met at the other end by an Exodus rep. And was deposited at my hotel to meet up with the rest of the party.  There's 10 of us in total, and as always it's always a little nerve wracking to begin with, especially as I shall be sharing my room with a complete stranger!

 I needn't  have worried, turns out Sue's a quilter from New Zeland via Australia! So things will  be just fine.  Also one of the guys lives in Bath, literately round the corner from Alison.  Apparently one of his friends wanted to buy their house, but Alison and Tom had got their offer in first.  It's a small world these days.

Not the best photograph, but when I saw this in the lift of the hotel I thought it most apt.  Certainly what I intend to do, how about you?

Alex, the cycling tour leader ( seen here wearing traditional Burmese wrap for  men) explains why we keep seeing young people, mainly, wearing what appears to be face paint.  What it actually is is traditional Burmese face protection against the sun made from the finely ground bark of a special tree mixed to a paste and applied to the face.  Apparently it protects against the heat and sun damage.  I've yet to put it to the test!

Dinner was eaten inter the lanterns in a traditional Myanmar restaurant.  It's a mixture of 
Thai, Chinese and Indian with a Burmese slant and chilli.  Could become addictive!


  1. Those quilters - they get everywhere! Enjoy Myanmar 😀

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