Wednesday, 13 May 2015

An unexpected detour.

As a teacher I have often been heard to say that 'when mistakes occur is when learning happens'.  To hear a complete stranger say those words back to me this evening made me smile, chicken home to roost and all that!

I have spent over 40 years travelling the world with no problems, until now.  The first time I am let loose on my own I jolly well go and miss my connecting flight.  C & A, if you are reading, take note : do as I say not do as I do

So instead of watching the sun set over Angkor Wat I ate chicken satay with coconut rice in Kuala Lumpur.  Nice enough, but not what I had planned for the day. 

Not one to waste an opportunity, after all this is meant to be an adventure, I rebooked my flight for tomorrow (after breathing a sigh of relief that it is a daily and not weekly flight) and checked into a hotel before heading into downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Very lush, with lots of palm type trees and colourful vegatation and really tall, modern buildings everywhere.  With just an afternoon free I decided to pick one thing to do and went to see the Petronas Twin Towers.  No longer the tallest building in the world (thanks to The Shard) it is still the tallest twin building in the world.  The architect Cesar Pelli designed the buildings' floor plans to form an eight-pointed star, a traditional Malaysian Islamic pattern.  However Otis won the elevator contract, so I declined the opportunity to go up to the 78th floor and walk the sky bridge!

Instead I strolled around the park with it's fountains and lush planting, enjoying the moment, before heading back to the hotel for dinner.  


  1. To quote the teenagers - OMG!!! How did you miss your flight? Good recovery though ...

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